Create Eudaimonia

The Membership for the creative soul who wants to build a life of true purpose by creating meaningful artwork and curating a life that brings you joy every single day! 


You know deep in your soul that you are ready to create meaningful abstract art, transforming not only your own world but also the lives of others. You are prepared to wake up every morning, feeling a profound sense of joy, knowing that you are creating purpose in your own life and inspiring the lives of many others.

And you know you should be creating art every single day and sharing it with the world

Everyday you think to yourself...

"What is my art even about?"

"I don't know what to create today"

"How can these meaningless doodles ever become a work of art that anyone actually cares about?"

"I feel so late showing up to the artist game... and trying to compete with other artists I'm seeing on social media seems exhausting."

"I don't have hundred of hours to commit to making art each week, so how can I ever be a true artist?"

"My art isn't good enough to share with the world."

"I have all these ideas of artwork I want to make, but when I try to paint, it doesn't ever turn out like I pictured it in my head."

"I know I am meant to be creating but life keeps getting in the way and I can never find the time or place to sit down and make."

I want my life to be more fun and exciting, but I

If you have been thinking any of these thoughts, just know you are not alone.

Because here is the thing,

you know that making art makes your soul sing,

But you just need help finding your unique voice.

When we allow our inner world, our psyche, to be expressed through lines, shapes and colors; We unlock a hidden part of ourselves that has been hiding within us. The most liberating feeling you can possibly experience is being able to visualize your inner world onto the canvas.

The more you allow yourself to play, the more likely you will be to achieve your goal of being a fine artist.

but what if...

You had a proven step by step framework that guided you to go from saying, "I'm just doodling for fun" to "I'm creating meaningful artwork that tells my unique story and here's what it is..."

And a fire community of like-minded artists who are ready to have your back throughout your entire journey?!

So instead of starring at a blank canvas for hours not knowing what to paint... or having so many ideas you get stuck with decision fatigue and make nothing....

You would rip open the packaging on that blank canvas and know exactly what to make every single time.

And not only would you know exactly what to make, you would also know that the art your about to create is going to challenge the way your viewer thinks, is going to transform how others perceive the world around them, is going to add meaning to the lives of everyone who takes the time to view it.

And know that are being cheered on the entire time by a supportive community of other amazing artists who can't wait to see you thrive.

I want to personally invite you to the Create Eudaimonia Membership

The membership for artists who are ready to create meaningful original art all while creating a life of true inner joy!

What to expect each month

Inside of the Membership

  • Weekly Live Art Lessons directing you to create your own authentic original art

  • Weekly Live Philosophy chats and strategies to make meaning in your life - inside and outside of making art

  • Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

  • 1 Hour Live Hot Seat Art Critiques Twice a month

  • Full access to our entire community of artists in our Private Instagram Page


  • 1 Hour Mastermind Power Hour for aspiring art entrepreneurs

  • 15 min One-On-One coaching call and personalized feedback on your artwork.
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All Your Questions Answered

Is there a minimum commitment to the Membership?

There's no minimum! You can stay as long as you'd like inside of the membership. This not for you if you're not ready to put in the time to become the artist you are meant to be. Our retention rate is super high, and I promise you won't want to leave!

How will my questions be answered?

Each week you will have the chance to submit any questions you have! Your questions will be answered during each Q&A Discussion.

The first 30 minutes I will be answering questions that were submitted that week. And the last 30 minutes you will have the chance to ask your questions Live on Zoom!

What is the time commitment each week?

Prepare to carve out at least two hours each week for live sessions.

Although I guarantee you will be motivated and inspired to work on your art for way longer than that!

Can I give this membership as a gift to a loved one?


A year of art and creativity is the most thoughtful gift you could possibly give!

Meet Your Mentor

Hey! I'm Christina Angelos, your expert guide in all things creativity, philosophy, and living a life of authentic happiness. After teaching in the public school system, I discovered my natural talent for simplifying art in a way that makes sense.

For most of my life, up until five years ago, I thought abstract art was reserved for snooty art galleries and museums. I didn't understand the hype around fine art at all, and I certainly did not know how to create it. Everything changed when I reached a point in my life where I needed an outlet—a way to express my inner world that I couldn't quite explain with words. Drawing became my refuge, a calm place where my racing, anxious thoughts could find rest. Making art changed my entire life.

I've found an incredible way to teach art through a simple step-by-step process that anyone can follow. I created this membership to educate you on how to take simple lines, shapes, and colors and arrange them in a way that tells your heart's unique story.

Inside the membership, you'll be challenged to explore parts of your own inner world that you didn't even know existed. Together, we will evolve as true artists. Every day will fill our souls with true wisdom, joy, and purpose.

I can't wait to be your guide on your journey to becoming a fine artist!

Jump into the membership today!