The Ultimate 4 Day Folegandros Itinerary

The Ultimate 4 Day Folegandros Itinerary

Welcome to the Island: 

 Folegandros is so dreamy and romantic.

When you step foot on the island you feel like you stepped back in time. The energy of the island is calming and ancient. 

All of the cliffs are a beautiful sage green that have been formed by the ocean over millions of years. 

I was so inspired by the air, rocks, and waters of the island that I had to create an entire painting collection inspired by the magical green cliffs! 

Green painting inspired by Greece. Interior decorating interior designer. Nature Fine art

Make sure to join the collectors club to get all the updates for when the collection becomes avalible!



Book a flight directly to Athens, Greece.

Rent a car from the air port in Athens to keep with you throughout your entire trip.

The best perk of having a car is that you can drive your car directly aboard the ferry and take it with you to any island. 

Book your the ferry tickets on

You will need to book a separate ticket for your car. 

If you're a Greece newbie traveler its time get used to boat rides! 

(Extra Tip: You can also book your tickets to island hop to Milos, Paros, Skryos, Amorgos, Naxos, Ios, Serifos, or any other nearby island.
For example, we did Athens - Milos - Folegandros - Athens. )

 Now all you need to do is wait for your Folegandros adventure to begin! 


 Book your stay at Kifines Suites that had a stunning view of the entire island.

The suite itself was so perfect for the two of us. It was luxurious and spacious enough that we wanted to spend time relaxing there. 

The sun set right over the mountain behind us, and the reds and oranges of the sunset were quite a show! 

Stay in the heart of down town Chora:

Chora Resort Hotel & Spa

Stay right on the beach:

Blue Sand Boutique Hotel & Suites


DAY 1:

Breakfast: Chrisospilia

A super cute spot where the locals hang out, and perfect to grab a quick bite before your beach day. 

Beach: Paralia Agkali

While you're there you can hike to Paralia Fira on the left or hike to Galifos

(Γάλυφος) on the right, and continue to the right to hike to Paralia Agios Nikolaos

I spent the entire day cliff jumping and snorkeling. 

You will get to experience first hand the amazing sage green cliffs that I keep raving about! 

 Lunch: O Psaromiligkas

Located right on the beach, this is the perfect spot to take a break and swim.

Activity:  Folklore Museum of Folegandros 

This places makes you feel like you're walking into a traditional village town from the 1800s. 

Sunset View: Chrysopigi

Visit this secluded church perked on the cliffs to watch the sun set over the water. Throw a bottle of wine and some glasses in your car and you can sit on the cliff and watch the sun set.

Dinner: Ristorante Flora Mimis

My husband loves dodging the touristy restaurants and opting in for the authentic taverna where the locals eat. And this place is exactly that!  


Go Shopping in Down Town Chora: 

Just walking around the down town of Chora you will run into so many cute shops! You don't really have to look hard to find these little gems, simply enjoy your stroll and stumble into any shop that peaks your interest! 

Hand Carved wooden Toys & gifts: Giant's Wood Shop Folegandros 

This boutique toy store is family owned by the coolest artisan. The owner of the shop left the hustle and bussel of Athens and moved his family to the island of Folegandros for a more slow paced life. His kids grew up creating works of art to sell in the shop. We bought so many cool items from this shop including a traditional Tavli board made of wood from olive trees. We also picked out unique hand made ceramics and olive wood serving spoons to bring back as gifts for our family. If you appreciate a good craftsman, defiantly introduce yourself to the store owner and tell him the ocean painter from Chicago sent you! 


Night Cap: Bar Hopping in Chora 


Beez Cocktail Bar 

Folegandros night life scene is super chill. There are so many cool little bars plotted in the heart of Chora. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and bop around to any spot that seems cool.  


Breakfast: DAL CAPO del porto

Located right where to boat takes off, this is the perfect little spot to enjoy your breakfast before the long day ahead!

I sat and sketched the scene while I sat and had breakfast. 
If you've feeling a pang of envy and wish you knew how to sketch your surroundings I want to invite you to join the waitlist for Abstract Art Academy where you will learn to do exactly this! 

Boat Day Around the Island: Diaplous Tours

I highly recommend booking a 6 hour boat tour around the island. 

This will defiantly be the highlight of your entire trip! 



What's nice about Diaplous Tours is that they provide a full lunch, watermelon and shot of moonshine at the end of the boat ride. No need to bring food aboard with you. 

Pack with you a compact beach towel, **sun screen, snorkeling goggles, water proof camera case, your swimsuit, lots of water, and nausea medicine if you're prone to get sea sickness. 

Even if you hate boat rides, you need to suck it up and go on this boat trip. 

The beaches are insane. 

On the trip you hit up so many different beaches around the island that are only accessible by boat. 

All the beaches you'll see: 

Agios Nikolaos

Vorina Beach

Agios Georgios Beach

Paralia Ampeli

Livadaki Beach


Agios Nikolaos

Katergo Beach

The rocks on the beaches were so unreal. These natural occurring marbled stones are just protruding out the ocean everywhere like this. It was insane. You can only imagine how mesmerized I was by these rock formations. 

At about the mid way point of the day you will stop at a local fishing town and get off the boat to explore the down town, shop, grab a drink or hang out by the beach. 

Any guesses what I did? 

I spent the entire hour scaling the cliff sides and hanging out on the rocks. Meanwhile Angelos was baking in the sun.


**WARNING! the sun is crazy on this island and Angelo got major sun poisoning because we didn't wear sun screen. I'm usually a no-sun screen gal. Don't come at me I hate putting chemicals on my skin and I usually don't burn. And I didn't burn at all. But Angelo did. I swear the sea salt protects your skin because I was busy being a mermaid in the water and Angelo fried like a lobster while tanning on the sand.  Anyways, we had to go to the greek pharmacy and get a special sun poisoning cream, worked like a charm but defiantly could of been avoided. 

Make sure to ALWAYS jump off the boat and swim at every stop! 

Take lots of pics but also just remember to enjoy the present moment and soak it all in! 

Dinner: Maragkoudiko

 After that boat day you are going to be physically EXHAUSTED from swimming and being in the sun all day. 

Trust me on this one. Jump in your rental car and go get a bunch of gyro, souvlaki, and fries with the traditional Folegandros cheese "Surrouto."

Night Cap: Bar Hopping in Chora 

Theo Bar


Astarti Bar

Go take a power nap and rally to go back out to Chora for the night!

Day 3: Beach, Winery & Sunset Hike

Sit Down Breakfast: Pounta - Η Πούντα

Such a cute little breakfast spot. Spend the morning bopping around Chora and enjoy the buildings in the sunlight. Take lots of photos on your walk and take lots of photos of your yummy meal!  

OR Breakfast on the Go: Folegandros Bakery Ano Meria Bakery

On your drive to the beach, grab a zabonopita - ham & cheese pie from this authentic bakery. Everything you get here will be amazing because everything is hand made in the morning by the local family who owns it. 

You seriously can't go wrong, everything will be delicious! You can even grab extra snacks to nibble on while at the beach. 

Beach: Pick a Beach. 

Spend the day exploring some more secluded beaches to get a little privacy and relaxation. Folegandros is scattered with so many beaches so close your eyes and just pick one from the list and you won't be disappointed! 

If you're ok with hiking a little, these neighboring beaches are all beautiful! A little more secluded and off the beaten path. So if you're up for an adventure these beaches are perfect. 

Latinaki Beach

Vitsentzou Beach

Katergo Beach

Paralia Fira

Or if you're more in the mood to drive drive up the beach and chill just go spend the day at  Agios Nikolaos Beach, There are so many bars and restaurants around you seriously can't go wrong here. 

Lunch: Agios Nikolaos Taverna 

Enjoy a peaceful sea side lunch at another traditional Greek taverna. 

Pre-Dinner Wine Tasting: Paliomilos Winery Κτήμα Παλιόμυλος

Enjoy an afternoon sipping wine at the island's famous winery. 

The menu is stocked with local dishes to choose from if you built up an appetite again. 

Mostly all of the wines are made by local farmers right on the island!

Make sure to try the "Mavrouka"wine!

Activity: Sunset Hike up to the Panagia Monastery 

Put on cute island outfits, and start your hike about an hour before the sun sets.

The walk is not that bad, no need to be dramatic and wear gym shoes like I did you'll be just fine in sandals. 

This icon of the Panagia was burned during the pirate invasions on the island in the 1600's. The icon is said to have preformed many miracles for so many islanders and travelers who visit. 

Dinner: 1790 wine cave

Continue your wine tour by checking out this hidden little wine bar in the heart of Chora.  The restaurant has an elevated menu selection that changes every week. Each dish is paired with a special greek wine. Ask the server what the special of the day is and order it. 
I personally didn't get a chance to try it, but everyone in google reviews was raving about this place. 

Other Dinner Spots to try: 
To Barbounaki

the Homemade

Dessert: Gelateria LO ZIO

Don't skip out on gelato! 

Shopping for Clothes, Jewelry & Home Goods  : 

Ammos Folegandros



Malama Treasures

Always Summer in Folegandos

Eva's Jewellery Shop

Youpi Folegandros

I bought the Donkey Milk Lotion from Youpi. The lady said its really good for moisturizing your skin. and from a quick google search this is what I learned: " Donkey milk is very high in amino acids and antimicrobial proteins, making it beneficial for dry and eczema prone skin. It also contains more lactoferrin and lysozyme than cow's milk so can help calm skin irritation. The vitamin C content in donkey milk is almost four times more that of cow's milk." So maybe go get some for yourself too! You can also get teas, infused olive oils, and traditional greek desserts.
We found this shop was amazing for last minute gifts for our family back home.

Night out: Laoumi Music Bar

Cap off your night by hanging out at this chill music bar. Enjoy the atmosphere and people watching while you sip on a cocktail. 

Day 4: Departure Day

Breakfast: Rakentia

Soak in your last moments on the island by enjoying your breakfast at this beautiful spot with an amazing view. Located in the heart of Chora, it might be a little challenging to find, but just ask a local store owner to direct you.  

Beach Bar: Evangelos Bar on Chochlidia Beach 

Park your car in line to board the ferry and walk down to the beach bar to hang out, have a drink and take your last dip in the sea.

& Now you're off to sail into the sunset on the ferry back to the next Island adventure! 


Painting pictured above is titled "Transparency." I started this painting while on the island of Milos and completed it at home in Chicago. The original will be released this August, and in the meantime you can shop prints here! 


If you used any of the recommendations from this blog post make sure to email me pictures of your travels at