The Folegandros Collection

The Folegandros Collection

A poem about how our relationship we have with ourself is like the relationship between the cliffs and the sea. 

The cliff took millions of years to become this beautiful. 

Layer by layer, 

Formed by the waves. 


Day by day the cliff looks no different than the last.

It seems as if nothing is changing.


But the pressure of the waves

are continuous. 

They are adamant.

They pulse,

No force can stop them.


The ocean is strong and courageous.

It loves to make waves,

that's all it knows to do. 


The ocean makes waves without


It just does.

Over and over again. 


Let this be a lesson for how we should live our own lives.

Every action we take that brings us joy,

Every action we take towards fulfilling our dream,

Every task that we accomplish with ease,

Every hardship we face with grace,

Every action we take towards bettering ourselves,

Every piece of information we learn,

Every word we write, 

Every idea we nurture,

Every word of criticism we contemplate,

Every step towards greatness that we take,

is like the wave hitting the cliff.


Day to day you feel the presure of each wave,

and it feels like nothing is happening.

Nothing is changing.

But it is.


So delicately. 

So Slowly.

The changes might seem insignificant in this moment.


But no action taken, 

no wave crashed,

no lesson learned,

goes unnoticed.

Or in vain. 


For all the waves of your actions create the beautiful cliff in your soul.

Formed one layer at a time. 

Hardened and strengthen by each experience. 

In the end your hears finds peace in know that this journey is


With no beginning and no end.

Not rushed 

Not complicated 

Just trusting the Divine timing

for when your beauty that the waves created will be recognized and admired

the whole