Gematos is a Greek word that translates to full. 

Being over crowded. 

This drawing is a  representation of the human mind.

 Everyday our mind is full of thoughts. 

Each day thousands of thoughts pass through our minds. 

Every little organic shape represents a different thought that passes through our brain. 

From the second you wake up, your mind is filled with thoughts. 

What tasks do I need to accomplish for the day. 

Then we pick up the phone.

What will I wear? 

What will I eat for lunch? 

What is the weather today? 

Am I pretty enough? 

Why does my hair look so bad? 

Am I too skinny? 

Do these pants make me look fat? 

I don’t want to go to work. 

I’m tired. 

I just want to sleep in. 

Our thoughts are so powerful. 

When we continue to tell ourselves these things, our mind believes it, and those thoughts become how we identify ourselves as individuals, how we present our selves to the world, how we act, how we dress. How much money we make or how much money we don’t make. 

I don’t think we quite understand the power of our thoughts. 

If instead you woke up everyday and repeated to yourself, 

I am awake, Glory be to God! 

I love my hair, 

I love my body. 

I am beautiful exactly the way God made me.

I can’t wait to help inspire one person today in a small way! 

I’m awake and ready to connect with others and have a great day at work! 

I love how I look in this shirt!

I am worthy. 

I am capable. 

I am intelligent. 

I am strong.

Money comes easily to me!  

When we change our thought patterns, the chemistry of our Brian changes. 

Your brain sends signals to the rest of your body. 

And your body reacts either positively or negatively be pending on the thoughts your brain is telling it. 

The mind is so powerful, it has the ability to change your entire reality with just the repetition of positive possibilities circling through your thoughts.


But this also means that negative thoughts also have the power to take over your life in a negative way. 

The goal is to be able to filter each thought, acknowledge it and change the wording in your mind to a positive alternative. 

Your subconscious brain is on a loop cycle of thinking your past reality is your only reality. 

But if you want to change your future for yourself, you first need to train your subconscious brain to repeat the positive outcomes you desire on a continuous loop. 

Let’s use our thoughts around money as an example of how we can reprogram our brains to change our reality. 

Growing up in a household with an extreme scarcity mindset around money, the thought loop that goes through our Brian is

 “I will never make enough money”

 “I work so much and am still broke” 

“I will never catch up with my bills”

“That person is evil and corrupt and that is why they are so wealthy”

“I will never be able to live the life of freedom because I am imprisoned to my debt” 

These negative thoughts around money replay over and over in your mind every single day. 

It consumes your brain and you embody these idea with your subconscious mind and your whole being believes this is the only truth. 

But the moment you realize the power of your thoughts, your entire reality can change. 

Ever time a negative arrangement of words floats into your head, recognize the thought and cut the negative words out with a knife. Take that negative thought and alter it to the positive version. 

Instead of saying “I will never have enough money” 

Switch that thought to “I might now have a lot of money right now, but I am working towards acquiring the amount of money I need. The money will come to me” 

For a few days last week I was feeling super tired day after day. And I felt like I was dragging my feet every morning to get dressed and go to work. I kept telling myself that I looked ugly because my under eyes were so puffy and dark purple. And I didn’t like how my hair looked, and I kept telling myself that all my clothes were ugly and I had nothing to wear. 


Retraining your brain 

For every negative thought that passes through your brain, you need to correct it with 9 positive thoughts. 

Practicing gratitude in your daily life all starts with your thoughts. 

When you train your brain to look for everything to be grateful for in life, good things come to you 

Then throughout the day your mind continues to take in so much new information. 

In 2022 our minds are drunk. Overcrowded. Consumed, Filled, Gematos with information. 

Quick 7 second video updates. each containing new information for our delicate minds to process. 

How can the mind function at such a fast pace? What is the cost to all of this free information?
Our ability to think. Our ability to possess even one original thought. Our ability to process the physical world around us. Our ability to be human. 

It’s a drug. Once you start it wont stop. You become addicted to instant gratification. You forget what it's like to enjoy anything outside of the screen. Reality becomes boring, uninteresting, irrelevant. The only moments of relaxing happiness come from scrolling. 

Children of today’s age are growing up not knowing what it's like to spend a complete 24 hours without a phone. 

At least I have some distant memories of my childhood where my sister and I would spend day after day playing with our toys after school. Our minds were filled with so much joy. Creating complex stories about each individual barbie and stuffed animal. Making all of the toys come to life. There was so much wonder in our minds. 

Compared to children now that I see are completely brain dead. I see children with their eyes glazed over, watching something on a cell phone. No socialization, no human interactions, no physical learning, no mental stimulation. 

Then when the phone gets taken away. Crying, screaming, tantrum. 

The child doesn’t know how to function without the device in front of their face. 

Social media and gaming have seriously caused a real pandemic. The pandemic of mental illness. 

There are so many people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. 

This mental mind game is causing an entire population to lose who they are as humans. 

Our thoughts determine our lives. 

Self doubt,