ὥρᾱ (hṓrā) 

  1. any defined period of time
  2. season
  3. (in the plural) climate
  4. year
  5. time of day
  6. hour
  7. some specific time: right time, time for something
  8. time of life: youth


In the Greek language, the word “Ora” translates to any defined period of time, season, climate, year, time of day, hour, some specific time: right time, time for something, time of life: youth. 

This complex word carries a deep meaning describing the passing of time. 

The harsh contrast of the black and white in this painting speaks to that stark contrast we feel about time passing too fast or too slow.

Before I ever started painting the ocean with blues, the majority of my work consisted of black and white drawings.

This painting comments on the idea of all human’s relationship with core memories and the passing of time.

This specific painting derived from my memories of a previous series of black and white drawings. 

When creating the sketch for this painting I was thinking of how I could translate the intricate organic shapes of my past drawings, into a large scale painting. 

These drawings I’m referring to were abstractions of photographs I had taken of the ocean and a mountain cliff in Greece.

I’ve also been thinking about how we spend our time everyday. 

How to multiply time instead of limiting yourself into a 24 hour period of time. 

Being conscious of how you use every moment of your time is the first step in being a high achieving person. 

I think everyone has the potential to grow and change throughout their life if they put in the hours to educate themselves and pursue knowledge and wisdom. 

Others will pass through their entire life loving year to year the same as the last and never truly evolving into the highest possible potential. 

It’s because they believe they don’t have enough time to change or do something different. They become stuck in their routine and stay in their comfort zone. 

This is when you become stagnant and stop growing. 

Every moment you need to make a choice about what you want your life to look like and where you want to be. If you want to see yourself flourish and become the highest achieving version of yourself, you are going to have to put in a lot of work. Most people aren't ready to confront their insecurities and put in the hours of the day to make a noticeable change in their life. 

Lately I have been thinking of my time, not as a 24 hour day but as a continuous thread of unlimited time. 

Instead of making myself think that there is a scarcity of time, I reassure myself that there is an abundance of time. 

Personally in regards to my art business, I have felt a feeling of urgency. I want to make a lot of money and  be extremely successful. 

In thinking like this I have accomplished a lot and hit a lot of major milestones, but I need to slow down and stop running in the rat race. 

My passion is obviously in creating art. 

Writing, painting, drawing, creating content on instagram, are all things I enjoy doing, its like a reflex. A muscle I am constantly working out. 

I do these things effortlessly. They just flow out of my being. 

Like writing this piece right now, it is mentlaly freeing for me. 

I can express my honest and open thoughts, and write like no one will ever read this. 

The same experience goes for my art making. I can draw my abstract shapes all day long without getting fatigued because my mind and soul thrive off of creating. 

I live for this dopamine rush of creating art. 

But this is not a typical dopamine rush. One that last a few moments and dwindles away. The dopamine rush I’m describing is a constant feeling of contemptment. 

A feeling of absence of troubles or problems. A feeling of calmness and peace. ISIXIA. 

Time and Peace go hand in hand. 

Without time, you can not discover peace. 

And without peace you cannot pass your time. 

You need both to live comfortably in contemptment. 

Don’t rush something you want to last forever. 

In contemplating these drawings I have come to notice how slow and how quickly life seems to go by. 

In comparing life to the moving ocean, it speeds by so quickly in front of your eyes, and before you can blink it has passed away into a distant memory. 

Other times life feels like an ever-evolving mountain that day to day seems the same as yesterday but changes drastically over the span of many years. 


Some days I feel as though my life is flowing past me like waves in the ocean, and some days I feel as if each day is the same as the last. 

Whether moving fast or slow, this life on earth is only a preparation for eternal life. 


"Indeed! What is this present life, even if one lives more than a hundred years, in comparison with the life there that has no end? It is like a drop in the ocean."

 -Hermitess Photini 


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