[ee-see-hee-ah] • Greek

(n.) Serenity, peacefulness, calm.

"Absence of troubles or problems"

In Greek, the word ISIXIA carries significant emotional weight. When translated into the English language, some of its profound meaning is lost.

Overall, the term ISIXIA translates to the absence of noise.

In our everyday lives, there is always noise. Noise doesn't solely refer to sound; it can also pertain to the visual stimuli that surround us.

In this modern age of instant gratification, where information is accessible within seconds, silence has become a rarity.

Finding a moment to sit in pure silence might be challenging, if not impossible.

ISIXIA was conceived to challenge its viewers to disconnect for a brief period and immerse themselves in pure silence.

Taking a moment to breathe and embrace stillness.

The inspiration for this series originated from a photograph I took on Elafonissi Beach in Crete, Greece.

Upon gazing at that photograph, I began to depict the natural mystical beauty that the ripples created on the water's surface.

I allowed my subconscious mind to draw abstract lines and shapes, capturing the hidden intricacies within the water, which I then incorporated into my final paintings.

The color palette for this series features light teal and stark white, reminiscent of the waters of the Cretan ocean.

As you view each piece in this collection, my hope is that you will experience a profound sense of calmness within your soul.