Art Material Guide for Starting Artists

Art Material Guide for Starting Artists

Hey all you art lovers. 

When I was just starting out my own journey as an artist, this list would have been so extremely helpful for me to have. 

Over the years I've picked up so many different art materials and these are my ultimate favorites that I use now in my studio, or what I used when I was first learning how to make art. 

I hope that this list is helpful to you in your begging phases of becoming an artists! 

If you found this list helpful, please reach out and let me know what was game changer for you and your art practice! I love hearing from you! 

Alright, now happy shopping! And go START MAKING ART! 

For watercolor Painting 

Watercolor Paper: 

Watercolor Paper for Beginners

Watercolor Paper for Professional Artists

Thick Deckle Edge Virgin Cotton Handmade Paper

Watercolor Paper for Traveling

Watercolor Paints: 

Watercolor Paint for Beginners 

Tube Watercolor Paint

Tube Watercolor Paint for Professional Artists 

Watercolor Brushes: 

The Perfect Set for Beginners 

For Professional Artists


For Acrylic Painting

Pre Stretched Canvas:

Value Pack for Beginners 

Gallery Stretched Canvas

Stretch it yourself: 

Bulk Canvas Roll for Professional Artists

Stretcher Bars 

Starter Kit 

Electric Staple Gun 

Staple Gun Battery

Staple Gun Charger 


Stretching Pliers 

Watch "How To" on YouTube 



Variety Pack for Beginners and Professionals 

Big Brushes

Little Brushes

Brushes for Blending

Brushes for Fine Lines 

Acrylic Paint: 

Starter Pack 

Intermediate Pack

Trust me you will need this

Acrylic Paint Thinning Medium

Thickening Medium for Chunky Textures 


Extras for Professionals:

Gesso to prime canvas before you start painting  

Gloss Varnish

Matte Varnish 

UV Protection 



Plastic Pallet 

Professional Glass Pallet  

Water Mister 


Paint Caddy 

Craft cart 


For Ink Drawing: 

Archival Ink Pens

Smooth Bristol Paper Pad

For Content Creation: 

Desk Phone Holder with Light

Goose Neck Phone Holder