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"ΕΥΔΑΙΜΟΝΙΑ - KNOWING YOUR CREATOR" Original Watercolor and Ink

"ΕΥΔΑΙΜΟΝΙΑ - KNOWING YOUR CREATOR" Original Watercolor and Ink

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Eudaimonia is knowing your creator and being thankful for your existence everyday. 

I will give you a little secret, in order to truly achieve this feeling and to really know what I’m talking about, you first need to discover your creator. 

If you have nothing to believe in, this ultimate feeling of continuous contemptment will never be found in your soul. 

Eudaimonia is a continuous feeling of calmness in your soul.  

God is what gives our soul a sustained feeling of comfort. When you believe in God and appreciate His creation, you can experience true everlasting happiness. 

Too many people in today's society live with no moral standing. 

They personally believe in nothing, and ultimately fall for anything. They feel a void in their soul that can’t be filled with any worldly pleasures. 

Eudaimonia is finding joy in your mundane day to day routine.

Eudaimonia is feeling at peace when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed.

Created as part of the Eudaimonia Collection. Learn more about the ancient Greek philosophies that inspired each piece by reading the blog post HERE. 

An Original Watercolor Painting with Archival ink on textured cold press paper in a custom black wooden frame with museum glass.

Painting measures 6" x 8.5"

Frame size measures 8" x 10"

Please allow one week processing time from the date of your order for your piece to be shipped. 

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