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The Create Eudaimonia Membership

The Create Eudaimonia Membership

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Inspiring Spiritual Joy Through Making Abstract Art

The Create Eudaimonia Membership was born to be a thriving creative community to promote healthy joyful living through creativity! Our goal is to create a sustainable art practice that fits seamlessly into our busy lives bringing our us more peace, tranquility and joy in our mind, body and soul everyday. 

Each month you will be guided with art lessons, surprise content, live zoom meet ups and community chatting, and bonus in-person events! 

This membership is designed for beginner and advanced artists alike! You will be challenged to make art apart of your everyday routine and feel at peace while doing it! 


What to expect each month inside of the Membership

    • Access to the full 30 day meditative drawing and painting course 


    • 3 New meditative abstract art tutorials released on Tuesdays


    • Surprise content released once a month (video or PDF guide on different topics like gardening, cooking, journaling, crafting) 


    • Live Zoom Calls once a month to connect with community members and ask Christina questions. 


    • Full access to our entire community of artists in our Private Facebook Page


    • Bonus for Chicago Land Members: Ticket to join us at our in-person paint and sip party at Prasino in La Grange every Third Thursday! 



    Q: I live a very busy life, how will I have time for making art? 

    A: Good news is that all the videos are 10 minutes or less! I totally get it that you're busy, and I've been there myself. When I first started making art I made the commitment to myself to draw for 5 minutes a day no matter what. Over time those 5 minutes a day defiantly add up!

    Q: Will I learn how to draw photo realistic people, places, and things? 

    A: NO. This membership is designed for you to explore abstraction! You can be inspired by your favorite memories and experiences, and you will learn to express yourself through simple lines, shapes, colors and textures! 

    Q: What if I don't know how to draw a stick figure, but I really want to learn how to be more creative? 

    A: Can you draw a squiggly line? Or a circle? Then this program is going to be the perfect fit for you! You will learn how to use very simple lines and shapes to create meaningful abstract art! 

    Q: What if I already make art, would this membership be too easy for me? 

    A: Honestly no. You will still be challenged in a new creative way. You will be guided to let go of perfectionism and create effortlessly beautiful abstract works of art that brings your soul peace! 

    Q: What art supplies do I need to be successful inside the membership? 

    A: All you need is a sketchbook, micron pens, watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and a watercolor brush. Full list with links to supplies can be found here, or you can order your own starter kit curated by me here!  

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