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When our world is drowning us in stressful thoughts and situations, all we want to do is submerged our minds underneath the surface of the water.

To silence our racing thoughts. 

To calm our anxious nerves. 

When it seems like there is no escape to the madness of our reality, our soul begins to crave a way out. An escape. 

To reset to our mind to a calm state,

To unwind our tense muscles into a relaxed way of being.

To rediscover our inner soul that has been suffocated by external pressures. 

The water becomes a place of refuge. 

A place where we can recharge our battery. 

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In the Greek language, the word “Ora” translates to any defined period of time, season, climate, year, time of day, hour, some specific time: right time, time for something, time of life: youth. 

This complex word carries a deep meaning describing the passing of time. 

The harsh contrast of the black and white in this painting speaks to that stark contrast we feel about time passing too fast or too slow.

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Set of four painting each 12x36”

Depicting our subconscious memories of being in the teal, green translucent shades of the Mediterranean Sea.